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To Inspire International Students to Communicate in English around the world in an efficient, effective and fun way.


To be the leader in General English and IELTS Preparation in Sydney English colleges.


• Student Centric   • Trustworthy  • Accountable   • Respect Diversity

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General English

General English programme aims to equip students with a firm foundation in English for work or study-related reasons.

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IELTS Preparation

The program is designed to equip students with the strategies they need to realise their full potential and attain their desired IELTS score.

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Welcome Message

If you are looking for a college that understands the global demands of acquiring sound and practical skills in the English Language, then come talk to us at Sydney English House, Australia.
We are a culturally diverse college with a multi-lingual teaching staff that understands the importance of making our students acquire the language and preparing you on a pathway to further your education in a variety of courses offered within our group of colleges that can lead you to completing your tertiary education.

Whether you are a beginner or a basic speaker or maybe just looking to enhance your language skills in English, you have come to the right place of study.
Our promise is we deliver quality teaching and resources plus qualified teaching staff that will assist you in your most basic needs of acquiring the language using a practical, holistic and fun approach.

Contact us for further information or better still, come talk to us personally or email us your inquiries. Whatever your circumstance, we’ll get you speaking the English language in no time.

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Recent news

Sydney English House, while not having any cases of COVID-19, has decided to deliver SEH Virtual Classes online to protect its students and staff from unnecessary contact and exposure to COVID-19.

Students are currently studying online according to our regular timetables with our skilled and versatile teachers in the comfort of their homes. The decision to continue distance learning at this time shall be extended from:

Monday 7th of September 2020 until

Friday 18th of September 2020 

The decision to ensure the safety of staff here at Sydney English House has been to extend the working from isolation period until Friday the 18th of September 2020. This may be extended or ended at that time based on official advice.

The current plan is to implement SEH Virtual Classes until Friday the 18th of September 2020, but this decision will be reviewed at that time. As the COVID-19 risks change, we will reopen classes for face-to-face learning when/if we can.

Thank you for your continued cooperation in keeping Sydney English House an education facility invested in our clients’ futures.